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PESD2CANFD24V-QBZ – Nexperia USA Inc.

Disclaimer: The image displayed serves as a mere illustration and does not provide precise specifications. For accurate details, We recommend referring to the official product data sheet.


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Manufacturer Nexperia USA Inc.
Manufacturer Part No.PESD2CANFD24V-QBZ – Nexperia USA Inc.
DescriptionTVS DIODE 24VWM 42VC DFN1110D-3
Detailed Description42V Clamp 2.6A (8/20µs) Ipp Tvs Diode Surface Mount, Wettable Flank DFN1110D-3
DatasheetDatasheet Link

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Product Attributes

Product AttributeAttribute Value
Product Category:ESD Suppressors / TVS Diodes
Product Type:ESD Suppressors
Working Voltage:24 V
Number of Channels:1 Channel
Termination Style:SMD/SMT
Breakdown Voltage:25.5 V
Clamping Voltage:42 V
Vesd – Voltage ESD Contact:23 kV
Cd – Diode Capacitance:6 pF
Ipp – Peak Pulse Current:2.6 A
Minimum Operating Temperature:– 55 C
Maximum Operating Temperature:+ 150 C
Packaging:Cut Tape
Factory Pack Quantity:5000
Subcategory:TVS Diodes / ESD Suppression Diodes
Part # Aliases:934661608147


Product Information

Semiconductor Product Description: PESD2CANFD24V-QBZ

The PESD2CANFD24V-QBZ is a cutting-edge semiconductor device designed to provide robust protection for Controller Area Network Flexible Data-Rate (CAN FD) communication systems. This product is ideal for automotive, industrial, and other applications where reliable data transmission is critical.

Key Features:

  • High-speed transient voltage suppression
  • Low capacitance for minimal signal distortion
  • 24V operating voltage
  • Compact and durable design

Key Benefits:

  • Ensures data integrity and system reliability
  • Protects sensitive electronic components from voltage spikes
  • Supports high-speed data transmission without signal degradation
  • Easy to integrate into existing systems


The PESD2CANFD24V-QBZ is suitable for a wide range of applications, including automotive ECUs, industrial control systems, and communication networks. Its high-performance capabilities make it an essential component for ensuring the smooth operation of CAN FD systems in demanding environments.

Performance Advantages:

This semiconductor device offers superior protection against transient voltage events, such as electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electrical fast transients (EFT). Its low capacitance ensures minimal impact on signal quality, allowing for reliable data transmission at high speeds. With a 24V operating voltage, the PESD2CANFD24V-QBZ is versatile and can be used in a variety of applications.

Market Standout:

The PESD2CANFD24V-QBZ stands out in the market for its advanced features, reliable performance, and ease of integration. Its compact design and durable construction make it a top choice for engineers and designers looking to enhance the protection and efficiency of their CAN FD systems.

Additional Info

Product Compliance

CNHTS: 8536300000

USHTS: 8541100080

TARIC: 8541100000


More Information

PESDxIVN In-Vehicle Networking ESD Protection
Nexperia PESDxIVN In-Vehicle Networking (IVN) ESD Protection Devices safeguard automobile IVN bus traces from the harm resulting from ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) and other transients. AEC-Q101 certified and designed using the state-of-the-art era automobile safety era, the PESDxIVN devices meet the increasingly more complicated requirements of networking solutions in car environments. The PESDxIVN collection gives notable ESD protection up to 30kV and might deal with high surge currents up to three.5A (8/20µs). In addition, the PESDxIVN ESD Protection Devices offer a opposite standoff voltage of 24V or 27V, a low-clamping voltage of 33V at three.5A IPP or 36V at 3A IPP, and an extremely-low-voltage contemporary of <1nA. CN:EAR99

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